Are you a wellness professional or aspiring sound therapist?

By getting certified through The Sound Alchemy Method, you will gain the skills you need to create consistently profound crystal singing bowl sound baths, AND enhance your individual clients' wellness journeys.

In these Crystal Singing Bowl Certification Trainings, you will learn the alchemical & evidence-based properties of sound. You will also get to experience and use sound & meditation as a tool for restoration & transformation.

Through 3 Levels of Personal Mentorship, Peer-based learning, & Group Coaching, you will become Certified as a Master Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath Practitioner, and be confident in performing sound baths & using crystal singing bowls as a foundation for adding sound wellness to deepen your wellness practice and show up in an even bigger way for your community!

Each of these certification levels can take you deeper into the practice, with Level 1, certifying you to use 1-5 Crystal Singing Bowls, and Level 3, certifying you in 8 & more Crystal Singing Bowls with other instruments, along with multiple-practitioner sound baths.

From recording foundations to basic marketing, to sound therapy & musical techniques, these programs are designed to help give you the tools you need for success on your individual professional journey!

"I can walk away from this mentorship program with confidence knowing I am a crystal sound bowl practitioner, and I have the compassionate support to continue my studying.

Zooey is not only passionate about the integrity of the crystal sound bowl practitioner but she breaks it down to help anyone who (like me) has so many questions about proper language, sound itself and the philosophy behind sound therapy. 

Thank you for all that you provide, Zooey, this was life changing. "

- Lesa S.

Use Crystal Singing Bowls in your Professional Practice

Learn how to use crystal singing bowls responsibly, ethically, & effectively, as a yoga teacher, meditation instructor, massage therapist, hypnotherapist, mental health counselor, and more…

Create Engaging & Profound Sound Baths

Learn & apply the music & language theory & techniques necessary to create consistently fluid sound baths & sound meditations for your clients & workshops.

Develop Your Personal Relationship with Sound

Embody the qualities of a sound therapist by walking the walk! Learn how sound therapy works & use it in your own life. Own your personal voice in Sound Therapy and become a thought leader in your niche.

Hi, I’m Zooey Seraphine...

I'm a Master Sound Therapy Practitioner & Professional Musician.

Music & Crystal Singing Bowls have been my MOST cherished and effective tools to transform anxiety, depression, & limiting blocks in my life. And I am passionate about passing this knowledge along to you!

Sound is such an accessible & gentle path toward healing & aligning with our creative purpose in this life. And we need more trained & qualified practitioners to bring this modality to their wellness fields and niche communities.

I'm here to guide you Every Step of the Way on your journey to becoming an effective & successful sound therapy practitioner. Get ready to become a pioneer in this blossoming path!